I often have clients find me from different parts of the world to photograph them while there are here in Banff on vacation, and it’s been such a cool opportunity to meet and connect with so many amazing people. There are some questions almost everyone asks me when they are planning their trip here to take photos, but there’s one I get more often than all the others:


It’s a tough question to answer because the fact of the matter is that weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. Sometimes it’s beautiful and sunny all day and then dark clouds roll in, sometimes it’s storming and the rain is coming down in sheets but then five minutes later the sun breaks out again.

I’ve found in every case that we feared the weather, by the time we shot in the evening, everything has worked out, the rain has taken a break, the wind has calmed down, or we embraced the weather and got amazing photographs out of it.

There’s no predicting the weather, but if you’re willing to embrace whatever weather we end up with, we are going to make some epic and incredibly unique photos, as well as some memories you will never forget.

A few years ago (over the course of this shoot) we experienced lovely weather, suddenly pouring rain, followed by a beautiful sunset and an avalanche across the lake. And what did my couple do? They embraced every moment of it and the photos are something else.

The shoot featured in this post was while we were experiencing a lot of smoke from forest fires over in British Columbia. Beatriz and Jonathan were a little concerned about it and how it would show up in the photographs, but they completely embraced it and we went ahead with the shoot, and caught some beautifully unique photographs for their engagement. So my best advice for mountain weather during your shoot? Embrace whatever you get and watch the magic happen.

I mean, look at this couple, not only is the backdrop smokin,’ so are they!

Beatriz and Jonathan are getting married this weekend and I’m so happy for them! They are so kind to one another and have so much fun together, I know their marriage will be incredibly beautiful. Wishing you two all the best!