Ashley & Marcel {Mountain Anniversary Shoot}

I was checking my Instagram one evening when I got a message from Ashley.  She lives in Texas and excitedly told me that her and her husband would be coming to vacation in Banff during the autumn, mentioning he was originally from Alberta and she had never visited before.  It would be their 5th anniversary they would be celebrating, and she wanted to get some photos while they were in the Rockies.  After (lovingly) spamming my Instagram feed with hearts and comments of which photos she liked best, we caught one another's vision and started planning, both of us becoming more and more excited about the shoot as it got closer, organizing what colours, outfits, and hair/makeup artist she should use (Emilia you are the best!).

Ashley was so excited about getting photos done of her and Marcel, and I had been looking forward to meeting them for months before it was finally time to drive out to their cabin at Storm Mountain Lodge.  Needless to say, they did not disappoint.  I immediately loved them, especially upon hearing the story, through fits of laughter, of how Marcel thought the guy at the check-in counter must have stolen his sunglasses, and was so grumpy about it until he found them where they were supposed to be all along, after which he needed a photo of them included to properly tell the story of the day.

After spending time with them, it was apparent to see that Ashley is outgoing and quick to laugh and smile, and Marcel is such a sweet romantic.  While we were taking photos, he pulled out a gift he had for her.  It was the cutest, little, tree log ring box, with a 5 for their anniversary burned into the top, and their wedding date inside.  I need one of those (hint hint to my husband if you're reading this, my birthday is coming up)!  Ashley's anniversary gift to Marcel was an equally incredible ring with the cutest inscription inside.  These sweet and thoughtful gifts are nothing new in their relationship; they shared the story of how they met when they worked together, and when they started dating they actually had to sign a "Love Contract," which Marcel kept a copy of and gave to Ashley on their wedding day.  So stinkin' cute.

Shout out to Ashley and Marcel for being such stalwart adventurers.  Throughout our shoot it thundered, then poured rain, after which the sun finally came out, and as we were wrapping up we heard a loud roaring and looked around to see an avalanche rushing down one of the mountains in the distance.  We hiked until Marcel's sore foot couldn't take him any farther, so Ashley and I pretended to be little mountain goats and climbed up the rockpile until we could catch some epic photos of just her.  She's a straight-up model.

I loved every second of my time getting to know these incredible people, their kind words on Instagram below their "sneak peek" photo warmed my soul, and just go to show what truly amazing people they really are.  I hope we meet again someday!  Who knows, my in-laws are moving to Texas, so we will be in the same (giant) state at some point : )  Here's to amazing clients and great new friends.