You guys, this is something that has been on my mind and in my heart for a long time. This style of shoot was in the works long before I set things into motion to make it happen, but now I’ve finally completed one to share my ideas with all of you, and will now be offering a new type of session, the Motherhood Shoot.


You know when you see your kids spending time with someone who loves them and you just have to snap a photo of that moment so you never forget how beautiful it was, and wish someone would do the same for you? Or those times you sit and hold your little one close, shut your eyes, feel how deeply you love them and really breathe the moment in, hoping you’ll be able to hold onto it forever because someday these moments won’t happen like this anymore? How many times do you wish there was someone there who could capture this perfectly for you, to give you the gift of remembering years from now, for your child to look back on someday and realize how much their mama really loved them when they see your face in a photograph with them?

I want all of this for you, I want you to be in the photos, to be present in this precious stage of life, to look at these photos and see what an amazing mama you really are.

So what is it, exactly? A Motherhood Shoot is to provide you with photographs that perfectly tell the story of you, the mom, and your connection to your children. I wish someone had taken these photos of my mom with me when I was little, so I could see and feel that story of our connection and her love for me.


First I have to know your story so that I can tell it through my photographs. After you book with me, there’s a planning process I have to make it simple and easy for you to tell me about you and your family, to share about your everyday so that I can help you sift through it and figure out your story and how I can best tell it, because we want it to be really you! This provides me with everything I need to come up with a timeline of activities and locations for the shoot that will not only capture your story but tell it beautifully.

I offer all kinds of help in the styling department, from prepping your home to choosing your outfits. I am an experienced resource when it comes to this portion of it, and love helping with this part of. A lot of the success of a shoot is based around the preparation.


I have always been passionate about preserving the past and telling my story through journaling and photography. Since becoming a mother, there is nothing so bittersweet as children growing and changing, getting too big to sleep on your chest or too old to toddle around. Children change so quickly and I don’t want to forget a moment of my life with them. They are the majority of my everyday, being a mom is one of the largest part of my identity, and I want to be able to see it.

When I’m packing away yet another size of clothes my children have grown out of, I want something I can hold and look at, to be able to see that I loved them the best that I could at that size, that I did a good job of it, that I made them laugh and I kissed away their tears.

I want my children to not only look back on photos of us together years from now, I want them to see the love on my face as I hold them close and the way my smile lights up when they run towards me every single day of their lives.

Most mothers would like the same, and I want it for you. Nothing is so sacred as this bond between a mother and her child, the time we are given to spend together, and there is no greater gift that that of remembering, because in the end, all we have are our memories.


Until Mother’s Day this year, May 12, 2019, I’ll be introducing the Motherhood Shoot at a promotional price, it’s a sweet discount! Just sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post to receive the discount code you’ll need to give at the time you book. It will never be this low again, so be sure to book it yourself, or hint hint hint until your someone special purchases one for you as a Mother’s Day gift. I’ll have gift certificates available just for this purpose, don’t worry, I’ve got you! And maybe your significant other will be relieved to hand over Instagram Husband duties to me (shoots at this promotional price must be booked and shot within 2019).

I couldn’t be more excited about this direction I’m starting down, it’s where my heart has been longing to go for some time and now it’s a reality. Thanks so much to you for all of the support, and to all of those who were so amazing to contribute and make this shoot not only a reality but also beautiful! I couldn’t have done it without you, especially Laura and her girls!

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