Below is the pricing for my most requested shoots.  If you have something in mind that doesn't quite fit the mold, awesome!  Get in touch and I'll get you a custom quote.


Couples & Family shoots

Packages available for maternity/newborn.

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Consultations available for custom quotes.

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Available on weekdays, Monday-Thursday. 

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I firmly believe that the best way to enjoy and treasure photos is still by getting them printed.  So many times, photos are taken, placed on the computer, and rarely looked at again.

Get your photos off of the computer and into your hands, where they can be treasured and looked through, where your children can physically feel the pages and treasure the memories.  Looking through my parent's photo album is a memory unto itself.

The couple featured in the video to the left haven't seen their album before, and at one point Jamie stated, "It's like really seeing these photos for the first time."

Whether they are wedding or family photos, I believe in turning your photographs into heirlooms.  Let's make your memories tangible.


I truly believe in getting photos taken of your special moments and families, and I love that I give all of my clients their digital files, because that's exactly what I want when I hire a photographer.

The other thing I truly believe in is in getting your photographs printed.  There is nothing better than flipping through old prints, or seeing photos of the happiest times of your lives on the wall.

It's been proven that children who grow up in homes where photos of them and their families having loving moments together hang on the wall are more confident, and are happier in general.  Who couldn't use a daily, visual reminder of how much you are loved?

Talk to me and we will get your photos printed in any size or on any material, including wood, metal, and canvas.



Photography, to me, is a way to capture memories perfectly, so that moments in life are never forgotten.  Our mental images of moments in our lives fade over time, or are sometimes completely forgotten, and that's why I love the magic of photographs.  Images are powerful, and allow us to travel back to that time in our life, just for a brief moment.  I never want you to forget the way you laughed together when you were engaged, the way he looked at you on your wedding day, the way your tiny newborn fit in your arms, or the way your family all goofed around together.  I believe photographs show us the depth of our love that can never be accurately articulated.  Images of our family are truly "Love, Beyond Words."

how to prepare for your shoot

Every individual is unique, which means that every one of my photo-shoots is unique to capture you as you are.  Don't be afraid to collaborate with me as you prepare for your shoot, we are in this together, and we both want these photographs to look and feel incredible.

I know many beautiful locations for shooting so don't stress about finding somewhere in the days leading up.  However, I also want the location to be meaningful to you, so that the photos are not just pretty images but are true memories that will return to you each time you view the photos.  This means, if you have special places you and your loved ones enjoy spending time together, let me in on the secret, whether you think they're picturesque or not, I can let you know whether they could look beautiful on camera, it might surprise you!

Use me as a resource while you're preparing, text me outfit ideas, and ask me all your questions. I've got lot's of great advice if you need it, from colours that work well to the best time of day to shoot at different times of the year.

What to expect the day of

I want to capture you being exactly who you are, I want you to be vulnerable, real and honest with me when you are in front of my camera, and I will be the same with you.  We are going to have so much fun together!  Just focus on just being you and I promise you some terrific memories, with some amazing photos to document them.  When you get your photos back from me, you won't look at them and remember your children's sticky faces or lack of a smile, you'll see your family being the people that you love, and you will feel that love whenever you look through your photos.

Seriously, don't stress about getting the perfect photos/poses, that's what I'm here to do for you.  Your job is to relax, be happy, and enjoy your time with your loved ones, I'll do all the rest.  When this happens, the photos you receive afterwards are magic, because they are attached to the most beautiful memories, and they will bring you joy every time you look at them.

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