Vanessa & PJ's Watercolor Vow Renewal

Vanessa & PJ's Watercolor Vow Renewal

I remember the first time I met Vanessa.  We were both pregnant and at the midwives, meeting a group of mothers who were all due around the same time as us.  I immediately fell in love with her gorgeous red hair, and her smile was so joyful it was infectious.  She is the kind of woman who lights up a room when she walks in.

Brian & Christine {Engaged}

Brian & Christine  {Engaged}

We started talking about engagement photos and I suggested we take a hike in the mountains for the shoot and take pictures along the way.  They were really excited about this, since they spend so much time hiking in the rockies, and I was excited that we would create real memories for them to look back on, that would reflect so well who they are as a couple.