First Anniversary with Allie & Brian

Allie And Brian traveled to the Canmore and Banff area all the way from Kansas to celebrate their First Anniversary.  It was a combined honeymoon/first year of marriage celebration, and I wanted you to hear from them all about our time together as we hiked up into the mountains.

Read on down below to hear their thoughts on our time shooting, the surprise from Brian in the middle, and their advice for anyone in their first year of marriage.

What made you two choose to travel to the Canadian Rockies for your honeymoon/first anniversary?

We saw a picture of Lake Louise around 5 years ago and immediately put it on the top of our bucket list. Canada was something different than the typical beach honeymoon/vacation so we thought this would be perfect for us since we love being active

What were the highlights of your time here?

So hard to narrow it down! Definitely the sunrise canoe on Lake Louise - being able to drink our coffee on the still waters before all the tourists arrived was unreal! Moraine Lake felt like stepping into a postcard and staying in Canmore was beautiful to explore at night.

My favorite part of the entire shoot was a complete surprise to Allie and I.  Brian had brought with him the same paper that Allie and him had written their wedding vows on a year earlier.


Allie told me she had a surprise during the trip (sunrise canoe on Lake Louise), so I had the thought to bring our vows with me to give her a surprise of her own.

When we were in the middle of taking photos and Brian pulled out your wedding vows, how did you feel?

I felt surprised, and so grateful in that moment to have such a thoughtful husband! We read our vows a year before in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia, so it felt special to again be in the mountains reciting our vows to one another. It's now something I hope we do every year in a different place.

What was the best thing about year one of your marriage?

Besides our wedding day, the year was full of adventure, growth, and appreciating each other more every day. And capping it all off with a trip to Alberta wasn't bad either!

What advice do you have for the first year of marriage?

BE A TEAM! Through celebrations and trials, always be someone your spouse can lean on. Continue dating and doing those sweet things for one another like you did when you first met.


First outfits:  Brian - Eddie Bauer pants, Camp Brand t shirt, LL Bean boots  Allie - Old navy pants, Eddie Bauer flannel, LL Bean boots

Second outfits:  Brian - Eddie Bauer shirt, LL Bean pants  Allie - Francesca's dress, target shoes