Hannah & Matt {Married}

Hannah was actually a friend of mine from high-school.  She was our student Prime-Minister, our Prom Queen, and our Valedictorian.  She is not only amazing, but one of the sweetest people that I know.  I was so excited when she got engaged and contacted me about photographing their wedding.  They flew me back to Ontario, and I was the lucky one to be a part of such a beautiful wedding.

Hannah and Matt were surrounded by family and friends and love on their lovely day.  Their wedding was full of tender, loving moments, followed by moments of joy and laughter.  They let me into their hearts and were honest in front of the camera, which helped me to capture these sweet memories for them.

Their wedding was one of the most sincere and beautiful weddings I've ever witnessed, and I'm sure you can see the love that fills these photos.