Manjiah & Jeremy {Bridal Session}

MJ has been one of my biggest fans since I started photographing.  She's been recommending my work to every friend of hers that's gotten engaged, but when it was her turn, I was just having my baby girl, and so she hired someone else.

Unfortunately, her wedding photos didn't turn out as well as she had hoped, and she came to me for help.  I felt so terrible for her, everyone deserves the wedding photos they want!  We devised a plan to have her and Jeremy dress back up in their wedding clothes and revisit Spruce Meadows while it was still green and in bloom.  Photographing there was incredible, it's such an inspiring backdrop!  And since Jeremy competes at Spruce Meadows, it couldn't be more perfect.

I love the way their photos turned out, they are such a fun couple together, I'm glad they've found such happiness.  I'm also glad we could get them the photos they wanted.