Crystal & Andrew {Married}

Crystal and Andrew are a fantastic couple I had the opportunity to work with multiple times, thanks to the flood here in Calgary.  Their original wedding was supposed to be at the top of a mountain after a helicopter ride, but when Canmore was flooded their plans had to change.

After a few different plans were again diverted by flooding downtown Calgary, they finally found a place to have their ceremony outside of Okotoks.  I can't imagine the stress of changing your wedding plan multiple times in the same day, but Crystal was calm and collected, and their ceremony was beautiful.

The first half of the photos below are from their wedding day, and the second half of this post was taken after they got back from their honeymoon.  I felt so bad that their plans didn't turn out, so I suggested we take a trip to the mountains after the wedding day, so they could still have those beautiful images they were planning on.