Canada Day

On July 1st we celebrated Canada's 150th birthday!  There was so much going on everywhere this year that it was hard to decide which activities to go to.

My parents have passes to Heritage Park, and we loved Canada Day there last year, so that's what we decided on for our day.

At Heritage Park on Canada Day they have the cutest little old-timey parade, and the best part for tiny kids is that it's only about 15 minutes long.  We got there early enough to find a seat on the boardwalk in the downtown area, and the children loved the whole thing.

Georgia has been obsessed with Ferris Wheels ever since her first ride on the ones here at Heritage Park a few weeks ago.  She went on the kids one while Curtis was the sweetest Dad and waited in the huge line up for the large Ferris Wheel, one he didn't even want to go on, so my sister and I took her up.  I'm so proud of how brave she is this summer!

There was some kids crafts and classic games to play.  Georgia loved the three-legged race with her Dad!  We grabbed some cheese buns from the bakery (they are huge, delicious, and such a good price!) and then visited the ice-cream parlour before heading home for a late nap.

The kids (and Curtis) napped from 4 until 7, then we woke them up and hopped in the car to head downtown for the festivities there.  Thankfully the rain passed by and the sun came out for a gorgeous evening.

There was a huge line up of food-trucks, and the ones we sampled were incredible!  The poutine was from Capone's Strada Cucina, and the burger was from Bandit Burger.  Amazing!  Georgia kept taking Dad size bites of the burger and laughing hysterically.

As it got darker the crowds grew and grew.  I can't believe how many people were there!  It was such a fun night, surrounded by fellow Canadians.  It's a cool feeling to know that all of us were out there celebrating the same thing.

I love this country, I am so grateful for all the freedoms and opportunities we have.  Most of all, I love all of you Canadians.  You are so kind, and above all of the amazing natural views we are blessed with coast to coast, you are what make Canada truly beautiful.

Happy 150th Canada : )