Mother's Day at My House

Mother's Day Calgary Photographer Guenard Photography

For the first time since having kids of our own, both my own Mother and my Mother-in-Law were gone for Mother's Day.  At first I wondered what we would do without our mothers around to celebrate, until I realized, Oh right, I'm a Mom too!

The kids popped out to the grocery store with Curtis to pick things out for their surprises the next day, and I spent the rest of Saturday trying to pretend I didn't hear any of the secrets Georgia was letting spill in her excitement.

I woke up at the same time as everyone else but pretended I was still asleep as they snuck downstairs to get breakfast ready.  In an attempt to help us make it to 9:00 a.m. church I did some sneaking of my own and crept out of bed to run a brush through my hair, wash my face (okay, okay, blot my face and apply some powder in an attempt to save yesterday's makeup and some time), then back to bed to finish prep on the youth lesson I'd be teaching.

Soon there was a knock on my door and these two cuties came in carrying flowers and the biggest, proudest smiles as they handed them to me.

As a mom, the things that bring me the most joy are often the simplest, and seeing my children so proud of themselves is the best.

They were so pleased with their bear pancakes, and Georgia explained that there had to be four of them because there was a Mom, a Dad, a brother and sister, just like us.  Also, there was enough for me to share with them, she informed me as she promptly stole the chocolate noses off of the bear faces.

I love when we have slow mornings in bed in our pajamas, and I could definitely get used to adding breakfast, especially if it's this cute!

We...did not make it to church on time, but we did make it, and Curtis surprised us all with a packed picnic lunch afterwards, because he knows how much I love being outside!  So nice.

We adventured for a bit until we found the perfect spot to set up.  I felt so loved, it was so sweet of him to make it all so beautiful, wrapping things in my favorite tea towels and everything.  I love that he knows me so well.

We packed everything up as the rain clouds approached, and then quickly grabbed some photos of me with my kiddos, because don't we all need more photos with Mom in them?

Being a Mother is harder than I could ever have imagined, but there's also nothing I've experienced that's so intensely rewarding in joy, laughter, and love.  I'm so grateful for these people who make me feel more loved than I ever knew was possible, it's certainly not a thankless job.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing Mom's, you are incredible.