Paula & Shawn's Wedding {Fish Creek Park}

I shoot weddings of young couples all of the time, and they are incredibly beautiful in many of their own ways, but there is always something unique about the feeling at weddings where the couple is a little older, maybe it's because they are typically more intimate weddings to photograph.  Personally, I think it must also have something to do with that whole, "Age brings wisdom" thing, because you can see the wisdom in their choice to love one another.  They have seen love before, they know how to recognize it, and they also know what depth they are searching for.  For Paula and Shawn, that search is over.  They have found each other, and I could plainly see how deep their love already runs.

When life gave these two a second chance at love, they took it.  They did an incredible job of planning their wedding within a few weeks of getting engaged, pulling everything together in phenomenal style from the wedding dress to the reception.  The neutral wedding colors she chose of gold, ivory and nude with a brown undertone looked incredible in the colours of early spring here in Calgary (mostly shades of brown).  You would never guess that the flowers are DIY, but she made the bouquets herself!  Isn't that incredible?  The intimate feeling of the whole wedding was beautiful, and having a bridal party of only their children was the perfect choice.

Everything about this day was perfect, mainly because their love for one another was so apparent and so intense.  I wish them all the happiness they deserve, thank you with all sincerity for letting me be a small part of your day.