Vanessa & PJ's Watercolor Vow Renewal


I remember the first time I met Vanessa.  We were both pregnant and at the midwives, meeting a group of mothers who were all due around the same time as us.  I immediately fell in love with her gorgeous red hair, and her smile was so joyful it was infectious.  She is the kind of woman who lights up a room when she walks in.

At a later date, and after we had both had our beautiful babies, I heard her story about her wedding photos.  PJ and her were married 13 years ago, had a beautiful day, went off on their honeymoon, and when they came back, they could not get a hold of their photographer.  After years of trying with no luck, they eventually gave up on having any wedding photos.

The perfect opportunity to give them some gorgeous "Wedding Photos" arrived in the form of this incredible Vow Renewal.  They are two of the kindest people I've ever had the good fortune to meet, and witnessing them renew their love for one another, two kids and 13 years later, was one of the sweetest things I've ever photographed.  These two share the kind of love that only comes after experiencing life together, the kind of love newly-weds dream of.  Here's to many more anniversaries!

And of course, this couldn't have been possible or nearly as beautiful without this incredibly talented team, I love you all:  Birch and Bunny | Occasional Bloom | The Bridal Boutique | Emilia Art Makeup | Joanna Bisley Designs | Ed Williams Menswear | Sarah Laree Designs | Family Freezed | Old Coal | By Ollia | Orange Trunk Rentals