Bennet {Family}

I've taken family photos for Justyn's parents twice now, and was so excited when she came to me to book photos for her little family.  She has the cutest kids, and I couldn't wait to focus more on them!

Their reason for having family photos done is an incredibly important one.  They need photos of their family to use as they embark on the process of adopting a little one, and since I think they are such a fantastic family, I put my heart and soul into this shoot especially.  I want their process to be a success.  Thanks so much for trusting me with a part of such an important step in your lives.

This is such a tight-knit little family, and I loved capturing their relationships.  You can just see the love they have for one another, and it makes my heart happy to look at their photos.  I truly hope that things go well for them throughout their adoption process, and that they are able to add to their loving family.