Meet Jennie

Since graduating from college for photography and getting married back in 2010, life has changed many times over and I've been lucky enough to learn and experience it all with my amazing husband.

We've been blessed with two little ones who have showed us the incredible joy and sweet sorrow of time passing, of stages of life morphing into new ones, of children growing older day by day.  They've shown us exactly what we don't know and have yet to learn, but mostly they have taught me about what is truly important in life and how to laugh about everything.

I'm forever grateful that I am able to take photos that capture my favorite moments so perfectly, that allow me to travel back in time so I never forget.

Since I take about a million photos of my life and everyone else's, and have had a passion for writing since I was a child, this is a space to share it all.  Enjoy exploring life with us!

Jennie Guenard