I’m a Professional Photographer, Writer, and Artist who has always focused on listening to and telling stories. I’ve been an avid reader my entire life and my focus on telling stories myself began early with journaling, writing poetry, short stories, and then an attempt at a novel at the age of twelve. This passion for storytelling has followed me throughout all of my artistic endeavours, from music through films and finally to photography in my teenage years.

I attended Fanshawe College, where I graduated in 2010 from the Photography Program in London, Ontario, quite close to where I grew up. Immediately after writing my last exam I flew out to Calgary, Alberta to marry the love of my life (ending an entire year of long distance!), and have lived here ever since. Spending almost a decade near the Canadian Rockies, the Prairies, and the city of Calgary itself have been a photographers dream, as have been my clients, who frequently become life-long friends. When someone lets you in to see their story, and then trusts you to tell it, how could you not become close?

After almost a decade of experience as a professional photographer, you can trust me with capturing your story not only beautifully but truthfully as well. I live for those intimate details that make up a relationship, a romance, a passion, and am an expert at recording them. I firmly believe that photographs are only worth keeping when they have a memory or story attached to them. I never want to forget where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and all of the good memories that have made my life beautiful along the way. There is no better way to see the joy and beauty in our lives than by coming face to face with the truth of it in a photograph.


Photographing my own life

When it comes to my own story, family and memories, I practice what I preach. I take my camera almost everywhere, on every outing, so that I can pull it out when we are in the midst of writing our own story. I snap a few photos to help us remember the day and these are the photos that end up in our family album. When we see them, the beauty of that day and all of the memories come flooding back.

I record what I want to remember, like my kids being so little, the way their pudgy little arms with those elbow dimples pull me close and hug me tight, the way my husband makes me laugh and smile, and the way my kids adore him and give him giant smooches. This is my story, the things I never want to forget. These photographs are the joy I want to highlight so when I look back at my life, I know it’s been a good one.

A photograph is only worth keeping when it has a beautiful moment and story attached to it, that way it stimulates our best memories. As a family, we do our best to create these simple moments filled with love and we try to photograph them so we can remember them. I’m a big believer in every shoot being the same way, for all of my clients. We are going to make the beautiful moments you will remember when you see your photographs.


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