I firmly believe that the best way to enjoy and treasure photos is still by getting them printed.  So many times, photos are taken, placed on the computer, and rarely looked at again.

Get your photos off of the computer and into your hands, where they can be treasured and looked through, where your children can physically feel the pages and treasure the memories.  Looking through my parent's photo album is a memory unto itself.

The couple featured in the video to the left haven't seen their album before, and at one point Jamie stated, "It's like really seeing these photos for the first time."

Whether they are wedding or family photos, I believe in turning your photographs into heirlooms.  Let's make your memories tangible.


I truly believe in getting photos taken of your special moments and families, and I love that I give all of my clients their digital files, because that's exactly what I want when I hire a photographer.

The other thing I truly believe in is in getting your photographs printed.  There is nothing better than flipping through old prints, or seeing photos of the happiest times of your lives on the wall.

It's been proven that children who grow up in homes where photos of them and their families having loving moments together hang on the wall are more confident, and are happier in general.  Who couldn't use a daily, visual reminder of how much you are loved?

Talk to me and we will get your photos printed in any size or on any material, including wood, metal, and canvas.